Monday 19 November 2018
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iusm - 3 month ago

[톡톡 잉글리시] Make a monkey of ~를 바보로 만들다

A : Why did you boys fight each other? 너희들은 왜 싸웠니? B : Mrs. Sera! He lied about why I was absent yesterday. 세라 부인! 그는 제가 왜 어제 결석했는지에 대해 거짓말 했어요. A : What did he say? 그가 뭐라고 말했니? B : He said I faked illness to avoid the quiz. He made a monkey of me in front of the other kids. 그는 제가 그 퀴즈를 피하기 위해서 꾀병을

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